Experience superior mixing performance with Hally Instrument's innovative Multi Point Magnetic Stirrer. Engineered for precision and versatility, our magnetic stirrer revolutionizes your laboratory mixing processes. Equipped with multiple stirring points, this leading-edge solution allows simultaneous mixing of multiple samples, enhancing productivity without compromising on quality. Whether it's homogenizing solutions, preparing cultures, or conducting reactions, our Multi Point Magnetic Stirrer ensures thorough and consistent mixing, resulting in reliable outcomes for a range of applications.

Construction: Mild Steel Powder Coated Body with SS 304 Top Plate.

Stirring Capacity : 2000 ml per Position.

Control: By Steeples Electronic Speed Regulator (Individual Control )

Indication: Individual Digital Speed Indicator, LED Display.

Speed: 1200 rpm per position

Model Plate size (cm) Stirring Point Stirring Capacity Per Position
HMS04 30 x 30 4 Point 2000ml
HMS06 35 x 51 6 Point 2000 ml.
HMS08 35 x  68 8 Point 2000 ml
HMS010 35 x 86 10 Point 2000 ml
HMS12 51 x  68 12 Point 2000 ml
HMS15 51 x 86 15 Point 2000 ml