The Multi Point Magnetic Stirrer with integrated hotplate from Hally Instruments represents the pinnacle of laboratory blending. This innovative solution is designed to enhance your scientific processes by combining magnetic agitation with precise heating capabilities. Our Multi Point Magnetic Stirrer facilitates the simultaneous stirring of multiple samples while maintaining optimal temperature conditions, streamlining your operations. From intricate reactions to routine mixing tasks, a single, versatile instrument offers unmatched efficiency and dependability.

Construction: Mild Steel Powder Coated Body with SS 304 Top Plate.

Stirring Capacity: 2000 ml per Position.

Control: By Steeples Electronic Speed Regulator (Individual Control )

Indication: Individual Digital Speed Indicator, LED Display.

Speed: 1200 rpm per position.

Hot Plate: Common Hot Plate for all position with PID Controller , sensor attached with hot plate.

Surface temp: 250 °C Max Surface temp of Hot Plate.

Model Hotplate size (cm) Stirring Point Stirring Capacity Per Position
MSH04 30 x 30 4 Point 2000 ml
MSH06 35 x 51 6 Point 2000 ml
MSH08 35 x  68 8 Point 2000 ml
MSH010 35 x 86 10 Point 2000 ml
MSH12 51 x  68 12 Point 2000 ml
MSH15 51 x 86 15 Point 2000 ml